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Version 1.1

1. If a user wants to create attributes for a defined entity, then he can do it only from CRM UI.
2. Creation of attributes from UI takes a lot of time especially during bulk attribute creation.
3. Manual attribute creation is prone to manual errors. Hence this tool will reduce the chances of those errors as we can review the attributes together.
4. This tool will come in use when the user does not have CRM environment or he has to clone an entity consisting of large number of attributes.
5. We are using an excel template for validation of attribute metadata as we say “Prevention is better than cure”.
1. A grid with various dropdown/textbox/radio controls mimicking the CRM's OOB attribute create functionality/validations.
2. A submit/save button when clicked an excel document having all attribute details should be generated and saved.
3. The excel document generated should have Columns as Attribute metadata property names and the rows should be the various attributes to be created with corresponding metadata property values.
4. A process button should be clicked to process the saved excel.
5. An upload excel option should be there to upload and edit the manually created excel document and process the same.
6. A UI for entering/saving the connection details for MSCRM Organization services may be required
7. Error handling reporting/logging.
8. Proper progress reporting.
9. Since there is no native validations on Excel sheets we need to validate the uploaded excel sheet. If any error is there proper reporting should be there. The processing will only start after the excel validations for data consistency.
10. If possible try to use windows service to isolate the business logic with the UI.

1. Creating the config/UI based Organization service and making it available to use throughout the application.
2. Proper error handling/reporting for service related exceptions/error.
3. If possible try to use windows service to isolate the business logic with the UI.

1. Import/Export functionality for excel worksheets.
2. Converting the UI grid rows/columns to excel rows/columns.
3. Every import should go through validations.
4. Need to implement parallel programming so that each excel row (attribute) is processed independently.
5. If possible try to use windows service to isolate the business logic with the UI.

1. In future we have planned to give editing options to user so that he can edit the attribute details from the UI. For ex if he wants to change the type of the attribute he should be able to do it from UI instead of updating in the excel template and importing it.
2. As one of the prerequisites required for our tool to work is that entity should exist in the CRM. Hence the second functionality that we can add is the creation of an entity from the UI.
3. Currently this is a desktop application, the next version will hopefully be a website and we are planning to include this in the left navigation pane of CRM.
4. In the website we will add a ribbon button which will allow the user to download the macro enabled excel template.

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